Cuetzalan del Progreso

Magic Town, Northeast Sierra

The soul of the Sierra

Among deep ravines and lush vegetation is Cuetzalan Pueblo Mágico, a town that over the years preserves with great vigor the indigenous traditions that make it unique in the region.

Surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, caves and endless natural attractions, this town is the place where man transforms into a bird and flies with the ritual of the Voladores or the dance of quetzales, negritos and their masked clowns.

Its stone streets, ancestral heritage, seem like exits from a fairy tale and its terraced facades are proof that the weather in Cuetzalan has not stopped for its visitors.

If you visit Cuetzalan any weekend, you can tour the Sunday tianguis, which extends from the large square to the streets of the municipality, where the traditional bartering is still practiced between people from the different communities of the municipality.

Coffee, embroidery, flowers, exquisite food and great human warmth are part of what awaits you in this Magic Town.

It borders to the north with the municipality of Jonotla and Tuzamapan de Galeana, to the south with Tlatlauquitepec, to the east with Ayotoxco, to the west with Zoquiapan, to the northwest with Tenanpulco and to the southeast with Zacapoaxtla and Nauzontla.

Activities in Cuetzalan del Progreso

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