The sweet temptations of Puebla

The gastronomy of Puebla has a delicious section, where we can find a variety of typical sweets, these arise from the mergers between the Arab, Spanish and indigenous culture. The origin of many comes from the old convents whose inhabitants performed in gratitude to their benefactors.

We share some of the most popular typical sweets you can find in Puebla:

Without a doubt El Camote, is the sweet that characterizes the people. This tuber is cooked with sugar, lemon or orange and a little water until they are pasta, which is molded in the form of cylinders, which are then wrapped in waxed paper to appear in boxes, which usually come with assorted flavors such as Strawberry , Orange, Vanilla, Pineapple, Coconut, etc.

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The Pancakes of Santa Clara, arise in the convent of Santa Clara; They consist of a cookie filled with pumpkin nugget candy, which when solidified assimilates into a glaze. This dessert is usually the favorite of everyone who tries it.

Muéganos Poblanos are a version similar to a dulce de leche, they are made with wheat flour, covered with brown sugar and a light cinnamon flavor. Among the possible origins of this peculiar sweet, it is said that the monks of the convent of Huejotzingo, had in their hands the creation of this sweet.

Another very typical sweet are the Cocadas Poblanas, which combine the flavors of the coconut with a little nut, which give it that sweet touch, being a toasted dessert they are usually a small temptation in which it is difficult not to fall.

Borrachitos are one of the most recognized sweets, it is a liquor jam, which is the star ingredient and hence its peculiar name, they are made with flour, sprinkled with sugar and with a creamy filling. You can buy them with many flavors such as: strawberry, rompope, pineapple, lemon, cognac, beer, champagne, etc.

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This sweet is eaten with everything and peel, we talk about Lemons stuffed with coconut, to make them the empty shell is cooked and filled with the soft mixture of the coconut zest with sugar.

The Jamoncillo is the classic poblano candy, usually made with milk, sugar and the seed to choose between nuts, pips, pine nuts or similar, its characteristic rectangular shape divided into two colors: pink and white, makes it much easier to time to serve

So you know, in Puebla there are sweet temptations that you can not miss, check for yourself the variety of flavors that only here you can find.