Recognized chefs in Mexico will be ambassadors of the “Chile in Nogada”

The Ministry of Tourism and the municipality of Calpan joined efforts to grant a “C Master Class ” on the elaboration of this Poblano dish

CALPAN, Pue.- To conclude the season of Chiles en Nogada and the celebrations for the 199th anniversary of its creation, the Ministry of Tourism joined forces with the municipality of San Andrés Calpan to show through a “Clase Maestra” the elaboration of this Puebla dish.

The Ex-Convent of San Francisco de Asís was the venue for this event in which cooks from the region participated, who explained and gave a step-by-step demonstration of the preparation of the traditional Poblano dish, in addition to sharing advice with prominent chefs in Mexico. the special guests.

In the framework of the “Class Master”, the Secretary of Tourism, Vanessa Barahona de la Rosa thanked the residents for their dedication to harvesting the products with which Chile is made in Nogada, after ensuring that rural tourism is promoted with these strategies and activity in the area, thus promoting the link with rural cultures and agriculture.

The chefs who participated were: Alfredo Reyeros, Gerardo Velasco, Édgar Delgado, Diego Niño, José Antonio Salinas, Anna Ruiz, Eva García, Diego Sobrino, María Esther Muciño, Isaac Hernández, Santiago García, Daniel Cervantes, Victoria Arriaga, Tanya Aguilar and Astrid Alejandra Benítez, who were recognized as ambassadors of “Chile in Nogada” and promised to be spokespersons for the original recipe of the traditional dish.